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Dear Students and all the Staff of THF,
First of all, I would like to congratulate each and every one of you for the amazing history made by this institution in All India CBSE class XII examination result this year. It is all because of the collective efforts made by all the stakeholders throughout the year, especially, the concerned students and teachers.
This year has been a tough one not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic but the physiological effect it has brought to each individual as well. Regardless of that, all my colleagues have shown tremendous energy in engaging themselves into various activities as well as learning new skills to utilize their time and energy in an effective way. I am very grateful to have such amazing colleagues and be a part of a team which is ready to see every huddle as a challenge to overcome rather than a barrier to stop.
The year was certainly one of the most challenging years we had come across but I am proud to say that we took this as a challenge and brought out the best in us, and discovered many new avenues which certainly could not have unfolded in a normal year.
Our vision and goal for the coming year are crystal clear and I am confident that we can achieve them regardless of the pandemic because I believe in each and everyone of you, and the selfless dedication you have towards this institution.
The online classes and the upbringing of our students to draw out the best in them, not just academically but holistically as a human being are our utmost priorities. Despite having limited resources and skills, our teachers have successfully transitioned themselves from physical classroom to virtual teaching. Under new initiative such as Covid-19 Student Support System (SSS) we have taken steps such as visiting students residing in and around our proximity to support and enhance their learning. For the students who are far away, our teachers have engaged them through monthly one-on-onecalls to enquire about their wellbeing, and to make sure they have no problems academically or in other areas.
Regardless of everything that’s going on, I would like to remind you all to believe in yourself because the world starts from you and you are enough to bring change in this world. The pandemic will soon come to an end but you will still be here. Therefore, make sure that you water the seed within you so that it sprouts and blooms into the most beautiful flower not just for you but for the entire humanity.
We are very grateful to all the generous sponsors and donors for their continued commitments towards supporting our institution during these hard times without which we would not have achieved anything. I thank each and everyone of them from the bottom of my heart.
With this, I send my love and positive energy to all the frontline warriors, andprayers to all those who left us due to the pandemic.We will surely come through this together.

Karma Chungdak
General Secretary 
Tibetan Homes Foundation

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