Winter Picnic (18th to 30th January):  Winter picnic means a beautiful camping for the children. A group size is made to take children for this camping and each group spent three days at the spot. Children love this exposure next to nature as they prepare meals, swim in the nearby river, play different games on the ground and it makes them feel beautiful.   Lhamo expresses, “I have never been to winter holidays as I don’t have anyone here in India. Winter picnic is most awaited winter activity for me. It makes me feel as if I am at home with my family. My home in Tibet is similar to this. We live in tent and a river flows at a distance from our tent.”

New Academic Session (1st March): Children who went for winter holiday report back to school on February 29th. The new academic session commenced with much excitement in the children. A total of 240 new children joined our family of Tibetan Homes Foundation this year.

New General Secretary (3rd March): Mr. Dhondup Dorjee replaces Mr. Khorlatsang Sonam Topgyal as the 14th General Secretary of Tibetan Homes Foundation. The official replacement takes on 2nd March with the introductory speech by new General Secretary and a farewell message by Mr. Khorlatsang. Mr. Ngawang Rabgayl, Secretary Department of Education, CTA, Dharamsala was the witness of the replacement handing over.

Workshop to teachers (3rd – 4th March): Two days workshop to trained graduate teachers (TGT) was organized by empowering the vision based in New Delhi under the Tibet Relief Fund, UK. It was a subject specialize workshop for the teachers at the school campus.

Parents Day Celebration (5th March): Parent’s day is celebrated to mark the birthday of Dicky Tsering, birth mother of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as an expression of gratitude from the Tibetan public. All the staff members and children gathered at Tsering Dolma Auditorium at 9’0 clock in the morning to commemorate the day. School boys’s and girl’s captain expresses their gratitude to the family homes parent and staff on behalf of all the children. The occasion becomes memorable with the presence of an alumnus Mr. Kalsang Tsering of 90’s batch. He shared his memorable childhood days spent in SOS family homes of Alma Mater.

57th Uprising day (10th March): Tibetan’s all over the world observed 10th March to commemorate the 1959 Tibetan uprising against the People’s Republic of China in Tibet.  The day started from 7:30 in the morning at Dalai hill with a prayer gathering to pay homage to all the martyrs. A peace march by the staff of Tibetan Homes Foundation and Central Tibetan School marks the occasion.

Basic Education Policy workshop (14th – 15th March): Department of Education, CTA, Dharamsala organized a two day workshop to primary teachers on the Basic Education Policy. The workshop was attended by all the primary teachers of THF Mussoorie and Rajpur teachers on 14th and 15th March respectively.

19th Annual Budget Meet (22nd – 23rd March):  The 19th Annual Budget Meet was attended by all the section head and the managing committee of Tibetan Homes Foundation. The day started with a briefing by Finance Officer Mr. Kunsang Choephel highlighting the nature of our institute with a thank you note to all the supporters and well wishers who are helping us to work effectively for the cause of our future seeds.

25th Graduation Day (1st April): A moment of accomplishment for all the graduating children and the staff members. The day started with a scarf ceremony to all the outgoing children at the school “Tsering Dolma” Auditorium. A thank you note from outgoing school boys’ and girl’s captain was the highlight of the day. It was inspiring as they expressed their gratitude to all the working members who contribute in one way or the other in moulding them for “what they are today” and “what they are going” to achieve in the journey ahead.  They expressed their wholehearted gratitude to their sponsors and the sponsoring associations without whose support Tibetan Homes Foundation won’t be able to sustain to work effectively. A farewell tea party at the school basket court was a moment to cherish. Graduating children hugging each other, their juniors, their friends and the staff with tears rolling down their cheeks will always be remembered. We thank our sponsor couple from SOS Denmark to visit us on the occasion. Children will remember your presence and the warm speech given by them on the stage. A total of 156 students graduated with a school pass percentage of 96.2. Tenzin Phuntsok topped this year from school with 92.8 %.

Social Science Exhibition (12th April): Social science exhibition was held showcasing the creativity of the children in the form of beautiful projects on display. Students above grade-VI were given different topics based on their syllabus like volcano, earthquake, working model of rain water, harvesting, pollution, global warming, etc.

Tibetan Elocution (14th April): Tibetan elocution is the time when children studying in Grade II, IV and V represent their house on stage with a beautiful expression of presenting their topics for elocution. The inter house elocution of the five houses was held on 14th April and Namri house is called on as the winner.

Tibetan Quiz Competition (18th April): All five houses of the school participated in inter-house school Tibetan quiz completion. The competition was held on April 18th at the school auditorium. Students from Grade VI to VIII participated representing their houses on the day. Trisong house won the quiz contest out of the five houses.

School Result declaration (21st April): The year - 2015 school academic session result was declared on 21st April, 2016. All the students gathered at the school auditorium with the prize distribution ceremony to position holders were held during the afternoon session.

54th  Founder’s Day (23rd April):  Every year, as we celebrate the Founder’s Day, we express our gratitude towards all those people who supported us and who are supporting us to work effectively. Tibetan Homes Foundation celebrated its 54th Founder’s Day with Mr. Jot Singh Gonsala as the chief guest. His speech includes the unforgettable journey he had with the former founder General Secretary. A huge applauds from the audience showed thank you to the Indian people and the Indian government. Six staff was awarded with citation for their 20 years of service to the foundation.

Spring Fete (24th April): One of the awaited days of the year when children received pocket money to play and win different games stalled on the school basket court. All five houses seem competing with each other to attract everyone towards their stall. Different games like prisoner release, target, wheel of fortune, tambola, fishing etc were enjoyed by the children. Refreshments like momos, chowmeins, ice-creams, stuff bread etc were also on the ground. Children were shown a movie called “The Jungle boy” and “Life outside Earth” during the day. The school basket court was looking different with the tents and the plays making everyone closer to each other.

School Climate Assessment workshop (2nd May): The Education Vital Signs (EVS) also called as “School Climate Assessment” is a statistically validated normed assessment of school climate that quickly identifies areas both supporting and interfering with school success. The assessment commenced from May 2nd where all the students and staff of Tibetan Homes Foundation participated. A comprehensive survey of THF Mussorie’s current education system will be carried out and will seek remedies for further improvement of system under the program offered by EVS in THF Mussoorie. The program was launched by an organization called “Six Seconds – The Emotional Intelligence Network,USA” and was highly recommended to implement at Tibetan schools by Department of Education, CTA. There are no specific funds that are received for the project while the needs for the projects like climate assessment is must to improve the education quality of Tibetan Homes Foundation.

Inter-house English Elocution (9th May): The primary children represented their houses on the stage with their beautiful elocution 9th May. Four children from each houses reading from Grade III to V participated and represented their houses during the day. ???????

Montessori Rhymes Presentation (12th May):  I always waited for this day! It is the day when all the lovely kids from Montessori section presented us with their innocent introduction and rhymes. The kids from stage – I (not more than 3 and half years old) were introducing themselves with their parent name and so innocent when few forgot or mispronounce their parent and even their middle name. The environment at the school auditorium was very special that day.

Inter-house Quiz (13th May): Senior students of the school studying from grade IX to XII gathered at the school auditorium for English quiz competition. Representatives from all five houses (Nyatri, Trirel, Trisong, Songtsen and Namri) did their best and actively participated in the quiz which commenced from 3:00 pm onwards. Two houses Trisong and Trirel won the annual quiz contest.

Mass prayer (16th May): Mass prayer for the humanity and world peace was held every year in the month of May which is considered auspicious as our Tibetan calendar. The prayer was attended by all the staff and children of Tibetan Homes Foundation for two hours daily for a week. This year, it was held from 16th May till the end of the month as the month is considered auspicious.

Grade-XII CBSE Result declared (21st May): A total of 159 students were enrolled for the Grade – XII examination held from March, 2016. But only 156 appeared for the examination. The result was declared on late evening of 21st May. It was an auspicious day and almost all the staff and children were in the school auditorium for the mass prayer. Master Tenzin Phuntsok topped the school with 92.8 %.  Master Tenzin Namdol and Master Tenzin Rinchen scored the second and third highest with 90.4 % and 88.3 %. The school overall pass percentage was 96.2%. We also congratulate Master Tenzin Phuntsok from Arts Stream with 92.8 % to receive Gadhen Phodrang Merit Award for year 2016.
World Tuberculosis Day (24th March): Dr. Lobsang Tsering highlighted the importance of the day as a worldwide event that aims to raise public awareness of tuberculosis and the efforts to prevent and treat this disease. An awareness talk was given by him to students on 23rd March at the school auditorium and to the staff on 24th of March.

Meeting with Graduated Students (25th May): All the graduated students of 2016 were called for a meeting prior their leaving the campus. They were counseled by the General Secretary, Education officer and Career counselor as they are pursuing a different journey. Majority of the students were leaving for plains and South India to continue their higher studies. All of them were provided and connected with the contacts of the alumni who are living in these plains to receive all sorts of assistance from their seniors. Admission confirmation of most of them will be confirmed by end of September.

Inter-house Cultural Competition (28th May):  School dance and music class plays a major role in the preservation of our own culture and tradition. All five houses compete with each other every year in the month of May with their cultural music and dance presentation. Namri house wins the annual trophy as the best singer group and dance performance also.

Summer Holiday (31st May – 10th June): School ten days summer holiday commenced from 31st May. Children’s love this break as they were taken for a short exposure to the nearby picnic spots, waterfalls and to the market. Small children stay near the water side while the senior children enjoyed swimming as it’s pretty hot during the month. Children who went for the holiday reported back to school on 10th of June.

Evening Study (13th June):  A weekdays evening study from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm was held for the senior students studying above Grade – VI to XII.  It is a self study hour where children after refreshing themselves at the family homes rejoined the school in their classes. The students were placed in their respective classes during the evening study so that they can discuss the subject problems with each other.  A group of 12 staff members on a rolling basis were given duty during the evening study hours.

SOS Day Celebration (23rd June):  The 97th birth anniversary of the SOS Founder Father late Dr. Hermann Gmeiner was commemorated every year on 23rd June as a day of expressing our gratitude. The day started with a formal program at the school auditorium followed by different activities for children at the school ground. Different new games like save your tail, Catwalk for boys, Ball passing were introduced which makes the day memorable. Small kids from Montessori section were looking innocent when they were bursting the balloons of others. The atmosphere becomes more lively when the primary grade boys were coming from the start point with high heels and trying to make it a catwalk.

Birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (6th July):  A very special moment for all of us as we celebrate the 81st birthday of His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama.  The celebration started with a healthy long life prayer gathering for His Holiness at the Dalai Hill. All the staff members, children and the guest hoisted auspicious flags at the hill praying for His Holiness to live hundreds of more years.  This was followed by celebrating the day with school opera group performing at their best. Few alumni from North America joined the occasion with their nostalgic feeling taking them down the memory lane. 

Mid-Term Examination (15th July):  The school academic year held two examinations -the midyear and the final examination. The midyear examination of the school held from 15th July this year followed by “The Tibet Week”.

Universal Prayer Day (19th July):  The Universal Prayer Day or Zamling Chisang is the day to celebrate the subjugation of the local deities by Guru Rinpoche and the founding of the Samye Monastery in Lhasa. The day is also celebrated here with all the children and staff gathered at the school temple followed by cultural dance presentation at the school auditorium.

Tibet Week (22nd – 28th July): Tibet Week is observed every year in the school campus for a week  as it plays a significant role in making children explore more about our country with their projects and demonstrations. The school environment looks homely with all the children in our traditional dress. The classrooms were decorated by the children with the topics they were given by their teachers. The different topics based on our country like rivers, ranges, New Year, traditional dress, lifestyle etc were given to the children. The final presentation of the Tibet week was held on 28th July. Students above grade – VI were given the project presentation while the primary children practices cultural dance to present on the final day on 28th July at the school auditorium.

Parent – Teacher Meeting (8th August):  Parental involvement has a significant impact on students’ performance at school. All the parents of the family homes together with the teacher at school held a meeting on 8th August at the school auditorium. The foster parent of the family homes of THF represents the meeting as the biological parents of the children. Not only the academic performance of a child but the overall development of a child also discussed to check the parameters to bring best development of a child.

Mathematics teacher’s workshop (13th August):   Hope One World from Liverpool, England organized an interactive workshop on teaching methods in Mathematics at the school campus. The workshop was attended by eight trained graduate teachers who were teaching mathematics to our student. It was a twelve day interactive workshop for THF Mussoorie and Rajpur Mathematics teachers. The resource persons from Hope One World Mr. John Sharrock, Mrs. Jenny Lenden, Mrs. Bev Judson and Miss. Laura Forrest were thanked with a farewell tea gathering on 13th August where Mathematics teacher Mr. Tenzin Nuden shared his experience as a participant in the workshop. All the teacher participants were offered certificate for their participation. A note of thank you from General Secretary Mr. Dhondup Dorjee and the Education Officer Mr. Tenzin Choklang follows at the end of the day.

 Independence day of India (15th August): All the children and staff of Tibetan Homes Foundation gathered at the school auditorium from 8:15 am to celebrate the 70th Independence Day of India. Introductory speech by Senior Headmaster and history teacher Ms.Tenzin Wangmo was followed by different cultural dance performance by students of Grade VI to VIII. Well known homage songs for the Indian Martyrs were sung by the student participants. Indian staff were offered scarf for their service to the foundation with a warm thank you note by General Secretary delivered through his speech. We thanked the presence of our sponsor from New Zealand and Czech Republic for their presence during the ceremony.