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Cultural Preservation Tibetan Homes Foundation

School Cultural group plays an important role in the cultural preservation. All the children from Grade – I to XII participates in the different cultural groups of school either it be house wise group, school cultural representative group or opera group. A team of cultural committee looks after these different groups with the selection, needs, presentation and performance.

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Montessoorie Kids Smart Learning Tibetan Homes Foundation, Mussoorie

Tibetan Homes Foundation Mussoorie has three sections – Montessorie section, Primary section and secondary section. The Montessori section has our small kids from age 3 to 6. The section is divided into three classes Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten. A total of 68 small kids were given a joyful learning in the section before they join the main school. A visual learning becomes a part and parcel for our kids in this section. And this becomes possible with the provision of smart learning equipment to the section.

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Nutritious Food to Children THF, Mussoorie, Rajpur & GohriMafi

Acknowledgement of Fund Receive

Humanitarian Association, Bosnien, Italy In-Process
Indoor Games – Table Tennis THF, Mussoorie

Acknowledgement of Fund Receive

Humanitarian Association, Bosnien, Italy In-Process
Classrooms – Desk and Benches THF, Mussoorie & Rajpur

The Classroom desk and benches in use by children at present where the ones the school has been using for more than 32 years. Majority of the desk and benches were broken and the foundation has been carrying reparations of the affected area for all these years.

Humanitarian Association, Bosnien, Italy In-Process
School Clinic Bed THF, Mussoorie

An observation and monitoring of children is necessary when they were sick especially when the disease is in related to food infection. The present beds in the clinic were of height where small children can’t reach easily and are also not comfortable to sleep. There is also risk of small child falling down from the bed as the present beds were normal beds as used in our houses.

Humanitarian Association, Bosnien, Italy In-Process
Children Uniform Shoes THF, Mussoorie

The project was to provide all our children with black uniform shoes while they go to school everyday. The project covers all the children under the holistic care of Tibetan Homes Foundation Mussoorie. We are thankful to Humanitarian Association, Bosnien.

Humanitarian Association, Bosnien, Italy In-Process
Display Board in Classrooms THF, Mussoorie

To provide a vital component to learning environment. To make show off from students more perfect.  To make information provision to parents and visitors more effective.  To convert learning environment stimulating for students especially primary student.  A more practical and effective learning tool.  A more helpful way to extend student’s learning.  For educational, management and other purpose.  To promote class management.

Humanitarian Association, Bosnien, Italy In-Process
Quilt Cover for children and Elderly People THF, Mussoorie, Rajpur & Rishikesh

To keep during winter. The present ones were worn out. The one in use at present needs to replace. Warm cover to elderly people is necessary as the location remains cold.

Humanitarian Association, Bosnien, Italy In-Process
First Aid Care Tibetan Homes Foundation It is felt very important to equip the children homes and elderly home with a “Fully Equipped First Aid Kit” to deal with emergency at their home as few homes were located at a distance of 5 to 6 kms from the school clinic. School head nurse and residence doctor will be providing a short term first aid kid awareness talk to the foster parents to deal with cases prior reaching the school clinic. MOST – Pro Tibet, Czech Republic In-Process