Dear friends
The new academic session of 2017 has just began and everyone is in fresh mood to do their best. I have nothing new to share with you all but to follow the same global tune of educational music. From the top to bottom, everyone is after a CHANGE or TRANSFORMATION in every walk of life. Jiddu Krishnamurti has rightly said, “... unless we understand the inward nature of this change, mere reformation, a revolution on the surface, will have very little significance. What is necessary, surely, is not a superficial change, not a temporary adjustment or conformity to a new pattern, but rather a fundamental transformation of the mind - a change that will be total, not just partial.”
Schooling and Knowledge from different sources can bring change but not in its true sense. Such changes are always partial and never a complete. What I sincerely feel is that, to bring a total change in our school, in our community, in our life; we should bring changes in our thinking process. Therefore, I request all the staff and students of schools under Tibetan Homes Foundation to stop studying and start learning because learning is infinite and hence, is complete through all times and circumstances. A slight change in your thinking process can transform the whole ecosystem of the school because thinking is the basis for exploration, investigation and further understanding of physical phenomenon and the potential of your inner consciousness. This understanding can awaken the sensitivity of mindfulness, which further generates voluntary response to all the situations or circumstances that come on your way. And, this is the real germination of noble principle of Universal Responsibility blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama for self-growth and global peace.
Karma Chungdak
General Secretary