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Project Title School Brief Description: Supporting Agency Project Progress
Enrichment : Cultural and Opera Tibetan Homes Foundation

All the children in Opera Group, Band Group, School Cultural Group, Interhouse cultural group will benefit from the project realization.

Request for Proposal Solicit Fund Request
Quilt Cover for children and Elderly People THF, Mussoorie, Rajpur & Rishikesh

To keep during winter. The present ones were worn out. The one in use at present needs to replace. Warm cover to elderly people is necessary as the location remains cold.

Request for Proposal Solicit Fund Request
Display Board in Classrooms THF, Mussoorie

To provide a vital component to learning environment. To make show off from students more perfect.  To make information provision to parents and visitors more effective.  To convert learning environment stimulating for students especially primary student.  A more practical and effective learning tool.  A more helpful way to extend studentís learning.  For educational, management and other purpose.  To promote class management.

Request for Proposal Solicit Fund Request
School Clinic Bed THF, Mussoorie

An observation and monitoring of children is necessary when they were sick especially when the disease is in related to food infection. The present beds in the clinic were of height where small children canít reach easily and are also not comfortable to sleep. There is also risk of small child falling down from the bed as the present beds were normal beds as used in our houses.

Request for Proposal Solicit Fund Request
Senior Citizens Prayer Hall THF, Mussoorie

The provision of comfort, cushions, and a television and floor carpet in the Dining cum prayer room will be a gift for our elders to spend time with each other while they gathered during evening. Moreover, our elders love to spend most of their time in the dining hall where they can share their time together with each other.

Request for Proposal Solicit Fund Request
School Athletic Ground THF, Rajpur

The need for the playground cum extracurricular activity ground for the children at the branch school becomes one of our priority as every year, several activities for the children has to be carried as per the school affiliations norms and also for the annual activities of the school. The old building adjacent to the school which house around 100 senior citizens has been already demolished 7 years before and the space is made available for the construction of a playground. The plan project was unable to implement and was pending for a longtime due to lack of funds.

Request for Proposal Solicit Fund Request
Higher Studies Program THF Mussoorie

To continue the only support system to an average of 150 children graduating from school every year. To continue support towards 452 children under the higher studies Program. To motivate children to pursue higher studies from universities to complete their education or else the school life education becomes nil. To accommodate and admit academically weaker or less secured marks in grade Ė XII students to vocational courses. To make sure our children can complete their tertiary level of education. To support our children for leadership in the profession and public life under the higher studies program. To contribute a self reliant and self sustained member to our own community.

Request for Proposal Solicit Fund Request
Children Home no 26 and 27 Toilet Reparation THF, Mussoorie

Major reparation of the toilet and bathroom. Extension of the project area for separate use of gender. Installation of cistern in each toilet area. Establishment of ventilation from the dismantle of the existing possible area. Proper water flush out area with installation of urinal, in case needed.

Request for Proposal Solicit Fund Request
Presentation Skill Computer Training THF, Mussoorie, Rajpur & Gohri-Mafi

The project is to cover all the teaching staff, school faculty, office staff and non teaching staff. A total of 164 teachers and non-teaching will benefit from the realization of the project. This short term basic computer workshop and training will cover Tibetan Homes Foundation, Mussoorie, branch school Rajpur and branch school Gohri Mafi.

Request for Proposal Solicit Fund Request
Tibetan Language Teacher Training THF Mussoorie, branch school Rajpur and Gohri Mafi

The 10 days training to our Tibetan Language teachers will directly support them in their core subjects and cross curricular learning in particular supporting other subjects like geography, art, craft, and history and STEM subjects. If the teaching methods will be effective, students can learn more with a positive academic progress.

Request for Proposal Solicit Fund Request
4 Family Home Toilet Reparation THS, Mussoorie

Poor sanitation in the family home accommodating average of 54 members in each family home is leading the health issues.

Request for Proposal Solicit Fund Request
Installation of 2 Drinking Water purification plant THS, Mussoorie
The supply of water crises of Mussoorie is no better today. On the tip of that the quality of drinking water is not admissible without proper treatment. The ground water of Mussoorie region shows total hardness to be above the Bureau of India Standards (BIS). The Chloride content was above the BIS desirable level of 250mg/liter. As per study presence of heavy and toxic metals are found in the sample of drinking water, which contributes to a variety of adverse health effects.
Proposal Solicited by CTA, Health Department Fund Request