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Alumni Desk


Bridging with THF-Alumni:


The bridging with THF Alumni is a phenomenon generated by the alumni of THF who are literally located across the continents. The communications by the former THF folks with THF reminiscing with pleasant nostalgia the day at the alma mater culminated in waking up oneself to do something worthwhile to THF as a mark of gratitude to the benevolent institute. Respecting as it deserved to be done, THF organized the communications to give momentum and it became a permanent bridge of partnership between the THF and its alumni community. The core objective of this initiative is to sustain and deepen the relationship and the bonding generated by care and love between alumni and the alma mater.


Today the THF alumni have been involved in helping THF with sponsorship, scholarship, project funding. Reciprocating their sense of concern and interest for the wellbeing of THF, we at THF have been endeavoring ceaselessly to keep them posted about major events and developments in THF. This is one way to keep the tiny Tibetan diasporas connected to take greater responsibility of keeping Tibetan identity alive. THF encourages its alumni to extend the community at one’s own place of residence because it is equally imperative that alumni themselves stay in touch and connected to give visibility and strength to the community.


How to stay connected: To set up a contact data, it is imperative that alumnus residence/location is known to THF. The alumni desk would ever be delighted to respond to any query about alumni activities etc.


Please contact us at or write to


Alumni Desk,

Tibetan Homes Foundation,

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Can also call @ +91-135-2632625, 2632608, 2631491