Home No. 2 (Ganchen phendhe)

  • It is one of the first homes with its inception in 1962. The home was founded on a landscape called “Enter Clive”. Twenty five children lives together as one family sharing same roof in this home. A couple was appointed to look after the holistic upbringing of these children. The home was named as “Gangchen Phendhe”.

Foster parents till date since the inception:

  1. Two male staff were appointed at its initial days to look after the children living in this home. Mr. Lobsang Phuntsok and Mr. Ngawang Jungney were the first foster father.
  2. After the resignation of Mr. Lobsang Phuntsok, a couple Mr. Kala Lobsang and Mrs. Chokpa continued as the foster parent.
  3. Mr. Lobsang Phuntsok rejoined as the foster father with Mr. Norbu.
  4. A transformation with the family home as “Monk Home”. All the children living in the home were monks who play a vital role in the foundation as a student and as a monk. Mr. Norbu and Venerable Lungtok were appointed to take care of home number – 2 and its children.
  5. The home was again turned into general family home experiencing the less number of children as monk. Therefore, a couple Mr. Sherab and Mrs. Lhakchung was again appointed as foster parent.